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In San Francisco, there is a statue of Juan Marichal. Next to a ballpark in which he never threw a single pitch, which has known three corporate names in an 11 year existence, in a city whose only World Championships are celebrated in another sport entirely (see note below), there stands a statue of Juan Marichal.

At the entrance to the executive offices of Dodger Stadium, where Sandy Koufax led the Los Angeles Dodgers to two World Series victories and three National League pennants, where he won three Cy Young Awards, an MVP, and pitched three of his four no-hitters, there stands a row of giant flower pots. Nice giant flower pots, as far as flower pots go, but flower pots nonetheless.

Stan Musial is a bronze image of grace in St. Louis. Al Kaline and Willie Horton are honored with statues in Detroit. Ted Williams is similarly memorialized in Boston, as is Roberto Clemente in Pittsburgh. In Atlanta, obviously, it’s Henry Aaron. At the Northern California ballpark that actually hosted a World Series one time, Willies Mays and McCovey statues stand proud near Marichal’s. Barry Bonds is no doubt next.

And in Los Angeles, well, we’re talking really nice flower pots. Top of the line ceramics and the whole thing.

Statue for Sandy is an e-petition, co-sponsored by renowned sports sculptor Malcolm DeMille, along with this publication. It is, quite frankly, a direct fan-inspired attempt to convince the Dodgers to commission a long-overdue monument to L.A.’s greatest sports hero.

This is no ordinary campaign, however. The twist is this: and Mr. DeMille (yes, he's related) have floated an idea which will allow Sandy’s fans, and the community, to participate in the development of the project, while at the same time raising six-figure dollars for local charities. We’re very excited about the possibilities.

When we collect enough names, from fans who click the links on this page, we’ll make our best pitch to the Dodgers.

Please cast your vote for the Statue for Sandy. All we need is your email address, but your comments and questions are welcome too.

Vote Yes on 32.



Note: The Statue for Sandy e-petition was first posted in 2004, and edited slightly in 2009. Yes, the hated ones finally won a World Series in 2010, and we congratulate them. Kind of.




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