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What if Kirk Gibson managed the Dodgers

August 7, 2011, 1:15 p..m. Or perhaps a better question – would you like Kirk Gibson to manage the Dodgers?

Never mind for a minute whether it’s possible, but what would that look like? Kirk Gibson, wearing number 23, in the Dodger dugout. Sitting next to him, Davey Lopes, wearing number 15 with somewhere behind the scenes as always, Manny Mota, number 11 on his back, and Maury Wills with his 30.

Dodgers all around. Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

This is not a knock at Don Mattingly, Yankee. OK, maybe it is, and Gibson was employed at the time, but no objective person could look at the way in which Mattingly was hired and come away thinking, “oh gee, that was fair, and what a thorough process too.” And I’m just tired of seeing Dodgers go elsewhere to succeed as managers.

While the Mike-Scoiscia-should’ve-been-the-skipper discussion still surfaces at least once a year during interleague, we’ve had to watch as Gibson manages some other club through four series already this year, and will twice more in September, while he fights for a pennant. Well I don’t know about you, but it bugs the bleep out of me, and I’m jealous as hell.

Look at Arizona’s roster? Now look at the Dodgers’. Is one really that much better than other? And at about half the payroll; $53 million, as compared to $104 million. C’mon, it’s not just the injuries; it’s not just the owners. It’s the general managers and the managers making the difference here. Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson. And I’m jealous as hell.

The Dodgers are going to have their new owner at some point – eventually – and almost assuredly, that wise and omniscient man is going to replace Mr. Colletti before you can say Trayvon Robinson.

And no doubt that new owner, with his new GM, will want to at least discuss the concept of a new M too. They’ll think about it; they’ll toy with the idea. That conversation will occur.

And maybe just maybe they put in a call to Phoenix and ask for permission to make Gibson a better offer, a much better offer. Double his salary, let’s say. Would the Dbacks stand in the way? Probably, but you never know. But tell me that wouldn’t look great. Kirk Gibson, Dodger manager.






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