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October 18, 2010, 6:11 p.m. Sorry for the unexcused absence, everyone. I've been doing the wannabe-mogul thing, preparing the launch of Savvy Sports Publications goes bi-sportsual in about a week.

But back to the important stuff – baseball – and in particular, Dodger baseball. Ned Colletti got in a surprising and surprisingly-early roster move over the weekend, locking up Ted Lilly for three years, at a rumored $30 million.

It's a silly signing in terms of length and money, but better we complain about over-spending than the alternative we've become accustomed to lately. I'd have preferred Hiroki Kuroda for a year at $12 or $13 million, but perhaps we'll get that too.

Putting dollars aside for a minute (if that's possible), the Dodgers are better with Lilly than they are without him. He'll help in 2011. And when a player goes out of his way to become or remain a Dodger, as Lilly has, and genuinely wants to be here, that's to be commended.

If they're going to throw this much money at a number three starter, and if logic is to be in evidence at Chavez Ravine over the winter, it must mean there are bigger and better signings to come.

I'll do what I do every offseason, and harp over the free agents I want until you're either sick of hearing about them or they're signed elsewhere. Or both. I've already mentioned Adrian Beltre and Jayson Werth as possibilities (and Beltre as a good possibility), and while I like Ryan Theriot more than most, let's start the chanting for an Orlando Hudson return right now. O-Dawg, O-Dawg, O-Dawg!

There may have been issues between Hudson and Torre that might not be relevant with Don Mattingly.

There's talk of Kansas City Royals possibly dangling Zach Greinke, but talk about your Dodger long-shots. And I still think Kuroda's coming back on a one-year, and in November.

With Lilly 35 and Kuroda 36 come April, the number five man is going to have to be 200-plus innings pitcher, with a track record of taking his turn every five days, year after year. Someone like Jon Garland, for example.

Starting pitching is the least of Los Angeles' concerns. Left field is the big one. While I'm rooting for Philly over San Francisco (although really it's more about the Giants keeping that 56-year championship-less streak alive than anything else), I'm quietly pulling for whatever pitcher is facing Jayson Werth at the time.

The Phils' free-agent-to-be right fielder is at .190 so far this postseason, which is good for the pocketbook of his next club. I don't really think it's going to be the Dodgers, but with Lilly getting $30 mil, there's reason to be hopeful…

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Media Savvy: Los Angeles Daily News columnist and founding IBWAA member Tom Hoffarth struck quite the chord with his citizen-ownership-of-the-Dodgers proposal last week. So props to Tom for the well-deserved notoriety, and thanks for allowing us to chime in.

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Last Add Special thanks to a couple of fine young writers, Dodger bloggers Greg Zakwin, of Plaschke Thy Sweater is Argyle, and to Juan Pierre's Oversized Hat's Ferio, for their kindness and support with the new blog. We wouldn't be here without them. Here's the new logo.

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