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The Curse in Reverse
Probably not, but it could happen.

History tells us that when Alex Rodriguez changes uniforms, his new team finishes last the next three years, while his old team flourishes without him.

If John Hart could've convinced the Yankees to take Chan Ho Park as a reclamation project part of the deal, who knows what might have resulted. Anyway, good for the Texas Rangers.

Coupla predictions. A-Rod will play plenty of shortstop while Derek Jeter nurses something or other, but Jeter will be the real leader when it matters most.

Gary Sheffield will absolutely destroy American League pitching and make as big a difference in 2004 as Rodriguez. The Bosox will be fine for a year, and might even win the division, until Garciaparra moves to Los Angeles next winter. After that, God help us all.

Whatever. New York has given new meaning to the term, "tax and spend," but won't necessarily be any better for it. There are no guarantees in baseball…and no crying when it doesn't work out.

And you know what, there's actually something slightly comforting in the Yanks' ways. It's just another familiar chapter in baseball history. But it still has to be written. Can't you just see the Toronto Blue Jays winning the A.L. East?

From the memory lane file: The Seattle Mariners made Alex Rodriguez the first player chosen in the 1994 amateur draft. With the number two pick, the Los Angeles Dodgers took Darren Dreifort. Not exactly Peyton Manning and Ryan Leaf, but not that far off either…

While I can't say I'm happy with the Paul DePodesta hiring, I'm keeping an open mind. My guess is, DePodesta displayed a genuine thirst for the job, while Pat Gillick merely said he'd consider it.

A little humility goes a long way in business today, and in this case made a difference. Let's give the young man a while to come up with something. Not a long while, but a while…

With all the criticism of the Dodgers' offseason, at least they had an excuse, what with the pending sale and a gun-shy general manager. The San Francisco Giants have no such excuse.

Brian Sabean has lost two thirds of his outfield, along with Barry Bonds' trainer, who's going to be too busy with his steroid defense to keep Mr. Bonds all thick and toasty. Rich Aurilia? Gone, did nothing. Bonds' batting order protection, Benito Santiago? Gone, did nothing.

Closer, Tim Worrell? Gone. Other closer, Robb Nen, doubtful. Ace starter, Jason Schmidt, surgery. Number two starter, Sidney Ponson, back to Baltimore.

The Giants do still have J.T. Snow, so at least there's that, and rumor has it Charlie Hayes wants another shot at third base, so maybe Frisco is set after all…

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but the San Diego Padres had the best offseason of any team in the N.L. West, by far…

Remember, glove conquers all….



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