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Ahhhhhhhh!! Watch Out For That Tree!!

May 26, 2006

Watch Out for That Tree!!!

What, you didn’t think we’d follow up? Superchicken, but no George of the Jungle?

Listen man, the Dodgers have won seven straight and 15 out of 18. 15 out of freaking 18!! We’re not used to this kind of contentment, OK, trust me. Sarcasm and the morning snarl hello are out. A glowing smile and a feeling approaching bliss are in.

The office is absolutely serene. If this were late October, we’d surely have at least one conception. It’s as if the entire staff has crossed over into an imaginary spa; head-to-toe refreshed, floating in a sea of Dodger Blue tranquility.

So yeah, George of the Jungle. Bleep yeah. Here are lyrics:

George, George
George of the Jungle,
Strong as he can be.
Watch out for that tree.

George, George,
George of the Jungle,
Lives a life that's free.
Watch out for that tree.

When he gets in a scrape,
he makes his escape
with the help of his friend,
an ape named Ape.
Then away he'll schlep
on his elephant Shep
While Fella and Ursula
Stay in step.

Well....George, George
George of the Jungle,
Friend to you and me.

Watch out for that tree…

Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy. Nor, for that matter, John Kennedy, who hit .191 as the Dodgers primary third baseman in 1964 and ’65.

October 5, 1988. About an hour before Game Two of the National League Championship Series, New York at Los Angeles. Fans were stretched out in the half-empty right field bleachers, watching the players shag flys. The debate was on, but in the background, required listening, but clearly the second most important thing going in the country that night.

When Senator Bentsen made his remark, several thousand people laughed in unison, and a few cheered. My buddy and I looked at each other, as if to say, “did he just say what I thought he said?”

The Dodgers beat the Mets, 6-3, behind Tim Belcher, Jesse Orosco, who gave up a hit to the only man he faced, and Alejandro Pena. Mike Marshall had three hits and drove in two.

David Cone, writing as a guest columnist for one of the New York tabloids, had given the Dodgers a little bulletin board material the day before, and the stadium was rocking as the team scored four in the second to finish him.

In the following days, Jay Howell was suspended for using pine tar by Bart Giamatti, Mike Scioscia homered off Doc Gooden and a pre-limp Kirk Gibson hit a not-as-famous home run. And Orel Hershiser tossed a shutout in Game Seven, doing that little kneeling thing he did in 1988.

Today we remember Lloyd Bentsen, with a little help from David Cone…

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Nice little “Player Perspective” by Derek Lowe in Dodgers.com. One might say, “Sir, you are no Steve Henson,” or come to think of it, David Cone, but Lowe is a fine little writer.

The “if anyone knows exactly how to make these streaks happen, they could bottle it and sell it” line reminds me of when Don Drysdale, during many a post-game interview, would say to his subject, “if you could put this game in capsule form, you’d never be able to spend all the money.” The player would invariably follow with, “exactly, Don,” as if he actually understood what Big D was talking about…

Flipping the dial last night, I happened to notice Scott Erickson pitching for the Yankees. And I thought it was funny. There’s no punchline here. I just thought it was funny…

Even with the Dodgers going 6-0 on the homestand, they just can’t put fans in the seats directly behind home plate. Could be the price of the ticket, or the availability of local television. And maybe things will pick up when school lets out. In the meantime, the club should look into filling up the chairs with stand-ins, like they do at the Oscars. Or better yet, digital people. Now tell me that wouldn’t be cool…

You Sir Are No David Cone: In what has got to be the most regrettable line published anywhere in a very long time, Jason Whitlock had this to say in an ESPN.com Page 2 article, titled "America's Had Enough of Barry."

"If sports fans ever posed for Playboy, Barry Bonds would be listed as a turnoff. Yeah, chicks may dig the long balls, but not when the media have convinced them the homers have been infected by a hazardous STD (steroid transmitted dinger)."

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Next Week: I’ll be on assignment covering the bottom tier of the NL West for a few days, but I’ll try to check in. The boss wants me in San Diego to be the first to report the unconditional release of Jim Brower…

Statue for Sandy: The Koufax in bronze campaign continues. Please Vote “Yes on 32.” And tell a friend…

Remember, glove conquers all….



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