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July 8, 2003

This Site is NC-17

Not suitable for children, Dodger fans with sensitive skin, or for those in the team's baseball “operations.”

In particular, Dan Evans, Shawn Green and Jim Tracy should protect their arms and legs and remain seated at all times, preferably with eyes closed.

DodgerBlues.com is the brainstorm of, uh, someone. They don’t say, actually, with nary a byline in sight. And you’d think they’d want to take credit because it’s great stuff.

Creative, funny, timely, sarcastic and thoroughly unforgiving.

With the exception of a queer unwillingness to return repeated emails in an attempt to heap thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free pr upon them, Dodger Blues comes across as professional. No staffers mentioned in the “About Us” section or anywhere else for that matter, but professional. Vulgar but great stuff.

A trash can which fills with greenbacks labeled “Kevin Brown’s Salary” is a regular feature, as is the “Bleephole of the Moment” item, which celebrates Evans, Green, and Tracy primarily, with the occasional Andy Ashby and Daryle Ward thrown in as needed. Four-letter words all over the place.

There’s a daily rundown of the previous day’s Dodger shutout, uh, game, and a ticker box with a familiar picture of Kirk Gibson, which tells you just how long it’s been since the last great Dodger moment.

More? A “Shawn Green Strikeout Meter” is front and center, a graphic highlights Adrian Beltre’s batting average and a multiple-choice box graphic asks rhetorically, “Why is Jack Clark Getting Migraine Headaches?” Ron Coomer’s stomach gets bigger as you pat it with your cursor...

Loose Cannon goes plural. So Mychael Thompson is Steve Hartman’s new partner at the various XTRAs. It might work out, but c’mon, six months for Mychael Thompson? Please...

Whatever the opposite of props is, let’s hurl a brick load full of it at Vic Jacobs for his truly inappropriate and insensitive Kobe-gushing. Shameful work by someone we thought we knew. Looks like more than one reputation is changed forever. Absolutely disgusting....

Howard Cole

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