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May 7, 2003

Memo to Steve Hartman

Earth to Hartman, earth to Hartman, come in Hartman. Over.

I wasn't gonna say anything, but with Chuck Booms sitting in for a couple days, all bets are off.

The parade of radiomen sharing the XTRA 690 and 1150 midday air with Steve Hartman was old on St. Patrick's Day. Now it's ready for carbon dating testing.

Bill Werndl has been cozy with Steve Mason at The Mighty 1090's "Too Much Show" for months while Hartman searches slowly for someone to replace him and bring back "The Loose Cannons." Agonizingly slowly. Picture Eric Karros running out a grounder.

Hire someone already, Steve, will you please?! Make a decision!!

What you're broadcasting right now is just plain coma-inducing, with forced jocularity, and a nearly impossible to listen to countdown to the day's top sports story. When you land a new partner, then you'll have a top story.

Top-story countdowns are lame generally. Keith Olbermann makes it work because he's a thoughtful guy, writes his own stuff, and went to Cornell after all…

Rick Monday quote of the week: "Astacio is going for his fourth straight win, and fifth in the last five." OK, so it's not from this week, and yes, I save them...

I never thought I'd recommend Bobby Valentine for anything, ever, but now that's he's working on ESPN's "Baseball Tonight," I urge all general managers within the sound of my voice to bring Valentine in for a job interview. He belongs in the dugout, minor leagues if possible…

Mike Hiserman is doing a great job with the "Morning Briefing." And we thank him. Mike DiGiovanna and especially Bill Shaikin do fine work on game stories and beat reporting. Jason Reid not so much…

John Ireland still has that nails-on-a-chalkboard speech impediment to deal with, but he continues to be a force in sports radio, and we tip our cap to him for showing up anyway…

Haven't had a chance to catch Jim Rome's new show yet, but I like the "Rome is Burning" idea and the necktie is a nice touch...

Mondayism of the week, for real, this week: "Have these two faced each other? According to the numbers, no…"

Forget Leroy Neiman. Check out the beautiful art by Stan Silver and some great memorabilia at theartofthegame.com.

Howard Cole

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