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Established March 31, 2000. Managing Editor Howard Cole is a lifelong Dodger fan, the son of Brooklyn parents. Born in what is now the Scientology building in east Hollywood, about which he used to say was “a Mondesi's-throw from Dodger Stadium.” Now he just whispers “Scientology” and leaves it at that.

Cole was at Dodger Stadium for Sandy Koufax’s perfect game in 1965, but has no ticket stub to prove it, nor any recollection of what transpired, whatsoever. His older brother, a religious man, reassures him of his presence at the event every so often. Actual verification from the Kirk Gibson game sits in glass next to his keyboard.

Cole’s career in Los Angeles radio included news and talk producing at the once venerable KMPC-AM, at the time the broadcast home of the California Angels (he actually got the chance to shake Ron Fairly’s hand once), Los Angeles Rams and UCLA Bruins. Other professional highlights include working in press operations for the 1984 L.A. Olympics, delivering pizzas in Beverly Hills with Tim Robbins, and winning Jim Rome’s “Huge Fax of the Day.”

He is 5’ 9," weighs 175 and chews Juicy Fruit.



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