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This is Not the Time for Postmortems

August 2, 2010, 5:15 p.m. But give me a few days. Two or three. Four, at the most.

Give me the San Diego series, starting right now, tonight. The Dodgers lose tonight, their sixth straight against the teams they absolutely must beat, and they're circling the drain. Not quite Janet-Leigh-in-Psycho circling the drain, but pretty damn close.

Lose Tuesday also, ten out, needing a split of the four-game series just to tread water, and I'm moving the hair snare to allow the drain a clear shot at the red stuff.

But, a big butt, Jonathan Broxton's butt; win tonight and take three of four from the Padres, and I'll hold the plug awhile longer.

Get it turned around immediately, OK? Show up and play, boys (in some cases, men). C'mon. Let's go already! LET'S GO DODGERS!!

I'm giving the entire organization a pass on the Giants series. Not because I want to or because I wanna kill em with kindness. Hardly.

I just can't take another review of yet another meltdown in a yet another important set of baseball games. Not now; not after 21 pennant-less seasons. Besides, I spent the entire weekend wailing on Facebook (friend me and join in the fun, if you can stand it).

But so help me Dodgers, stink up Chavez Ravine and ruin my Monday through Thursday, and as our beloved Don Drysdale used to say, "it's Katie bar the door." Like you will not believe.

Season over the first week in August and you're going to see rage in this space like never before. Forget the divorcing couple. You know the old saying: There's no fury like a Dodger fan scorned. Consider me on the precipice of being scorned.

But all right. Two or three days. Maybe four. Check back then…

Talkback: Your comments are always encouraged…

Dodgers Deadline Deals: Dotel a Dodger. And other good stuff from Ned Colletti. The GM scored. High fives all around.

I could have told you the minute the Octavio Dotel for James McDonald and Andrew Lambo trade came down (and in fact, I did, on Facebook) that the Dodger bloggers, almost to a man, would cry foul to anyone who'd listen. Good for you if you didn't.

The Dotel trade was a positive, the Scott Podsednik for minor leaguers a bigger positive, and the Ted Lilly plus Ryan Theriot for Blake DeWitt and minor leaguers an even bigger positive. Not blockbusters, but savvy deals.

Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, the Dodgers do have some fine young players in the system. In fact, there are a few that might yet be traded, and still the cupboard will be far from bare.

Yes, it's possible a just-traded player will succeed elsewhere, but more than likely not. Not with this group.

DeWitt was never going to make it as a second baseman. He has neither speed nor quickness. A real second baseman – oh, like say, Orlando Hudson – has both, along with range DeWitt could only dream about. And it's not like he makes up for it with anticipation, hands, smarts, fearlessness, and the ability to hit for both power and average, ala Jeff Kent.

Ryan Theriot is an accomplished player, a natural middle infielder who plays shortstop well and has taken to second as fast as could be expected.

He'll make plays around the bag, charging in, and in the outfield that DeWitt just can't possibly, and he'll hit somewhere between .280 and .300 consistently for the next two years in Los Angeles. Ted Lilly is a rental in a walk year who will give the club some wins down the stretch, assuming there is one.

And Lambo has a drug problem. It's refreshing to see the Dodgers part with a player this skilled for such a reason…and before a third positive drug test triggers a 100 game suspension. If the club thought Lambo had either the wherewithal or the inclination to do something about his drug use, I imagine he'd still be a Dodger.

I like the word accomplished to describe Theriot, so I'll use it again with Podsednik. He's a real ballplayer, does several things well, and is a World Series hero.

Repeat, World Series hero, as in walkoff home run, 2005 Fall Classic, Game One. You remember Game One walkoff home runs, don't you?

Good trade, people. I'm glad to have Podsednik in blue, and I hope he sticks around another year.

Ned did well under difficult circumstance. It doesn't excuse his various 2010 mistakes, but we'll save that diatribe until you know when. Credit where credit is due…

Trivia: The Dodgers have four players with championship rings on the 40-man roster, three of whom qualify as World Series heroes. Name them. Hint: Colletti acquired them all…

Media Savvy: Trade activity over the weekend had me thinking about this old article about the Yankees, from The Onion, so I thought I'd repost it for your reading pleasure.

And a neat story about youngsters from Viet Nam playing baseball, in today's Los Angeles Times

Statue for Sandy: The Koufax in bronze campaign continues. Please Vote “Yes on 32.” And tell a friend…

Trivia Answer: Current Dodgers who played on a World Series winner and were instrumental in their teams' victories are as follows: Manny Ramirez, 2004 Boston Red Sox, Series MVP, 2006 Boston Red Sox; Podsednik, 2005 Chisox; Jeff Weaver, 2006 St. Louis Cardinals, winning pitcher, deciding Game Five. Ronnie Belliard also played on the 2006 Cards…

Remember, glove conquers all….


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