Old Off Base Columns

Naughty or Nice, Dodgers Need to Check Christmas List Twice

More to Love about your Mobile Device

Grading the 2012 Dodgers

The gift of life: 22 years ago today

Dodgers need quick(er) fixes

Ranks of Cooperstown and voting process improving

Hairston signing a coup for Dodgers

Walter Alston would be 100 today

Busy Dodgers sign Ellis, with confirmation on Kemp soon

McCourt to sell, L.A. to celebrate

23 years ago today: The other shot heard round the world

IBWAA Names Kershaw as 2011 NL Cy

IBWAA Names Kemp as 2011 NL MVP

Kershaw Right, Ump Wrong

What if Kirk Gibson managed the Dodgers

Ethier for Pence

Three cheers for Ted Lilly

IBWAA Announces 2011 Mid-season and All-Stars

Dodgers file for bankruptcy, and if the shoe fits

Does McCourt hav something up his sleeve?

Maybe it's time to trade Ethier

2011 Predictions

Q & A With Bill Shaikin

Q & A With Ben Platt

Q & A With Patrick O'Neal

Q & A With Jon Weisman

Q & A With Josh Suchon

Q & A With SoSG

Q & A With MSTI

Q & A With TBLA

Q & A With Vin Scully is My Homeboy's Roberto Baly

Left Fielders Report!

Popular Revolt Leading to Regime Change

If Dennis Gilbert Builds it, They Will Come

Why the HOF Needs the IBWAA ASAP

Bump in the Road

Fear the Beard, My Bleep

Let's Get This Over With

Our Civic Nightmare Continues

This 'n That

The Year Ender

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

Oh Really, No O'Malley

Dodgers Miss Out on Postseason Girth

The Trial of the Century

Manny Being an Ex-Dodger

Dave Stewart, Right and Wrong

The First Step in Recovery is Admitting That You Suck

This is Not the Time for Postmortems

Mets Supply the Tonic

You Sir, Are No Mariano Rivera

Knuckleballers Need Not Apply

Fall or Midseason Classic

About Last Night

The Ball's in McCourt's Court


Russian Undressing

The Jealous Dodger Fan

The Case for Roy Oswalt

"Beat L.A." My Foot

Mother Always Said

High Society

The Oldest Joke in the Book Made Current

The Obligatory and Not Really Clever "Hanging Chads" Line

On Any Given Sunday

Let Me Count the Ways

Hurling Cliches

2010 Predictions

Spring Ahead for Transplants

Biggest Trades in Dodgers History, 1991 to 1999

Isn't it Time we Call the Thing "Dodgers Flight" Already?

Remembering Willie Davis

Simers Tries to Turn Page Two

Pitchers and Catchers and Mitchell Report

The Unfortunate Signing of Brian Giles

With Reed Signing, Dodgers Avoid Going Completely SOFT

Dodgers Getting Closer

In Defense of the BBWAA

What I Did on My Christmas Vacation

Dodgers Offseason Begins with Pierre of Deals

A Dodger in Wolf's Clothing

Here we Go Round the Rumorberry Bush

Top Ten Reasons it's Good the Yankees Won the World Series

The Men are All Right

Wild Think Pinpoints Utley's Throwing Troubles

Dodgers in a Cakewalk

Easy as Pie

Piece of Cake

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Stick a Fork in the NL West

Anatomy 101

Dodgers Deals a Mixed Bag

Pete Rose - Hit King

Inglorious Dodgers

No One Said This was Going to be Easy

So Much for the Stars Being Aligned

Re Trades Involving the Dodgers, Your Guess is as Good as Mine

Stars Aligning for Dodgers

A Holiday from the Halladay Talk

• Almost Only Counts in Horseshoes

My Team, Right of Wrong

Hallelujah, Holy Bleep, OMG!, and Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

It's Official: Dodgers Now Playing Second Fiddle to Lakers

Top Ten Reasons Dodgers Are This Good

Remembering Jeff Hamilton

Pledge Your Allegiance This Memorial Day - Dodgers of Lakers

An All-in-One Plan to Fix Drugs in Baseball AND Make the National League Better

What Would Tommy Do

Manny Being Barry

2009 Predictions

Groin Pains

The Other 24 Guys

Armchair Psychologist

The Meaning of 104

Pitchers and Catchers and Mitchell Report

Torre's Stories Story an Overblown Controversy

To Forge a New Union

Grasping at Straws

Dodgers and Manny Make Nice

Good for Raffy

My Baseball Team Went to Las Vegas and All I Got Was This Third Baseman

The Hot Stove Burns Slowly

Manny Being an American Leaguer

Manny Being a Dodger - the Case for and Against

And we go to Glendale!

Let There be no Mistake About it, This is L.A. Baseball!

And we go to Los Angeles!

And we go to Chicago!

Perspective, Please

Let's Go Right Ahead and Jinx It

They're Back!


Dodgers Spot On, Critics Not so Much

It's Always Darkest....Just Before it Gets Pitch Black

Ned Being Ned

Dodgers Get Blake, Add to Offense, Two First-Names Club

What do you Say We Stop Calling Them Kids Now, OK?

And Not a Minute Too Soon

A Penny for Your Shortstop

This is L.A. Baseball, and it's Offensive

Torre Distinguishes Himself...

Wanna Get Away?

Biggest Trades in Dodgers History, Part III

Yes, it's the Lakers Town Now, but it Doesn't Have to be

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Biggest Trades in Dodgers History, Part II

Top Ten Things the Dodgers Must Do That, While Granted, Might be a Tad Challenging, Need to be Initiated Immediately - Like, Stat

Biggest Trades in Dodgers History

Eight is Enough

Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee

A Weighty Issue

Torre's First Week a Mixed Bag

2008 Predictions

Where Are They Now

Claude Osteen

Ted Power

George Theodore

Von Joshua

Carl Erskine

Boo Ferris

Ron Hunt

Don Stanhouse

Billy O'Dell

Vern Law

Clay Dalrymple

Ralph Branca

Dick Groat

Bobby Doerr

Ernie Broglio

Gus Zernial

Butch Hobson

Phil Cavarretta

Don Larsen

Tommy Greene

John Kennedy

Pumpsie Green

Billy Pierce

Bill Hands

Ron Blomberg

Andy Pafko

Willie Horton

Garry Maddox

Art Shamsky

Tommy Byrne

Vida Blue

Jim Lefebvre

Jack Aker

Phil Linz

Wayne Terwilliger

The 1972 Oakland A's

Nellie Briles

Jim Bouton

Lou Brissie

Ron Cey

John Curtis

Gil McDougald

Bill Lee 2000

Bill Lee 2006

Mike Marshall

Really Old Off Base Columns

Left Field Controversy a Fit for Coliseum

International House of Baseball

The Juan Pierre Conundrum

Roster Rumblings

Odds and Ends

Pitchers and Catchers Report, and Other February 14 News

Vote Early and Vote Often

With Football on a Bye, We Say Hello to Baseball

Another Big Week for Baseball

A Prescription for Baseball

A Colossal Bunch of Assholes

The Juan Pierre Dilemma

The Hall With It

This is Barry's Brain on Drugs

Nice Guys Finish Fourth

The Unlikeliest of Heroes

Explaining the Unexplainable

Scioscia to Manage Dodgers

Dodgers Post Mortem 2007

That Was the Week That Was

Plaschke Should Shut His Mouth

Pin This Loss on the Skipper

The Dodgers are Back in the Race

Bobby Cox: Record Holder, Most Ejections From a Baseball Game, Wife Beater

Baseball Watching Strategies for Crestfallen Dodgers Fans

We're Having Some Fun Now

The Barry and Bud Show

Defending Nomar

No More Mr. Nice Guy

You Deserve a Break Today

Dodgers at the Mid-Way Point

Dodgers Humbled by Worst Team Ever

Dodgers Hit Wall

I Don't Believe What I Just Saw

Grady Obliges

The Tomko Start

La Russa the Great Enabler

Dodgers in Their Happy Place

Spring Ahead for Transplants

Celebrating Jackie

San Francisco: The Cure for Whatever Ails You

2007 Predictions

The Best Week of the Year

Here's an Idea: When You're in a Hole, Stop Digging

It's a Beautiful Day for a Ball Game - Let's Play Extras!!

HA-Nus Freaking Wagner

It's the American Way

All Bonds All the Time

Giants Miss Chance at Control, Slip Deeper Into Kaos

The San Francisco Giants: America's Team

Increased Drug Testing Deemed Necessary - For Writers

If So-And-So is in the Hall of Fame, Then So-N-So Gets in Too

Random "Thoughts"for the Dead of Winter

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

The Chicago Study Group

Speaking of Turkeys

The Truth Re Drew is Not Blue

Be-Bye, So Long, Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

Stop Knee Jerking Around

Smudge-Gate? Get a Grip

It Breaks Your Heart

What to Get Your Baseball Fan Now That His Team Has Been Eliminated

Mother Always Said...

On Paper The Game's Not Played

Barry Bonds and Terrell Owens: Compare and Contrast

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

A Sign of Life

Baseball on September 11

Marlins Throw Caution to the Wind - Mate Throws No-Hitter

Bulletin Board Material

Memo to Brad Penny

A Silhouette of His Former Self

Ode to Big D

Ladies and Gentleman: Your Los Angeles Dodgers

Ladies and Genlteman: Your 2006 Los Angeles Dodgers

The Loveless Wild Wild West

OK Baseball, You've Had Your Fun

Last One In is a Rotten Diamondback

Texas Holds Em

You Know What They Say About a Bird in the Hand

This is Your Brain on Drugs

The World's Most Precious Natural Resource

Ahhhhhhhh!! Watch Out For That Tree!!

You Knew This Job Was Dangerous When You Took It

The Meaning of 714

Prepare to Panic

Los Angeles: A City Divided

Fun with Numbers

Out With the Old

Spring Ahead for Transplants

This Sample Size is Plenty Big Enough

This is No Time to Panic

2006 Predictions

Bud Selig's Legacy

Extreme Makeover: Hall Edition

A Giant Pain in the Ass

That's it! The World Serious!!

In a Shocker, Darren Dreifort Retires

What Goes Around Comes Around

Pitchers and Catchers Report!!! Finally!!!

The Jury Has Spoken

The Little Munster

Once Again, the Strongest Man in SoCal

The Sports Void

Le French Guy's Toast

The Funny Beard Contingent

The Los Angeles Football Dodgers

Hickory Dickory Dock

Best Hitters in L.A. Dodgers History

Land of the Giants

So, Ned Colletti Looks Like the "Weekend at Bernie's

Burning Bridges

Top Ten Best Things to do While Waiting for the Dodgers to Hire a Manager

As Fast as You Can Say Jack Robinson

You Gotta Have Hart

New Rules: Dodger Owner Must Consider the Following

Three Little Words

Trick or Treat is Right

Trading Places

The Devil You Know

"We're the Bleeping Dodgers!!"

Baseball's Own Snidley Whiplash

The Definition of Insanity

Those Who Fail to Understand History...

Let's Look on the Bright Side

The Character Card

Nostradamus These Dodgers are Not

Oh Good, Now Mrs. Canseco Has a Book Out

For One Brief Shining Moment

Get a Clue Please


The Best and the Brighest

Smoking in the Boys Room

Get Back Honky Cat

A Mockery of a Sham

"So Young Man, What are Your Prospects?"

Revenge of the Nerds

G.M. Savant

Fun & Games with Mr. Rogers

The Season Has Been Shot. Round up the Usual Suspects

When Every Day is Friday the 13th

"Hee-Seop Choi, Hee-Seop Choi, Hee-Seop Choi!!!"

Dodgers Guide to Progress

A Few New York Minutes

It's Go Time

This Oughta Clinch It

The New Nationalsism

Dodgers Snake bit By The Diamondbacks - Yeah, We Get It

Love Means Never Having To Say You're Sorry

My Folks Went to Opening Day and All I Got Was This T-Shirt

2005 Predictions

The Best Interests of Baseball

This Is L.A. Baseball

I Ain't Doing No Drugs

Willis' Back, Willis's Back!

Tale Of Two Cities

The Horrorrrrr

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Just Say No

Boston Wins: Next

Boston Does Not Suck

Now is Not the Time for Post Mortems

Beat SF, Beat SF, Beat SF, Part Deux

Beat SF, Beat SF, Beat SF!!!

Prognosticate This

Wills, Koufax, Garvey, Gibson, Beltre

Doctor, it Hurts When I do This

Absorbing Junior

Just When You Thought it was Safe...

Records are Made to be Broken; CDs Disposed of Some Other Way

Buzz Cuts All Around

Last Man Off the Ship

One Cheer for Interleague Play

Testing, One, Two, Three

Rules of the Game

A Real Web Gem

To Pitch or not to Pitch

Sosa Trade a Steal

Media Savvy

Two Guys Going in Completely Different Directions

Heart of the Order

TJ Simers' Home Number

2004 in Review

Hey John Ireland, Ole Buddy

Buns Across America

TJ Simers is a Big Fat Idiot

Solid State Radio

You See the Brick -- You Gottit

Whose Town is it Anyway

The Best Fifteen Minutes In Radio

TJ Simers for the Writer's Wing

Fox Has Clue

Memo to Steve Hartman

This Site Is NC-17

"Superstation?" Yeah Right and the Braves are "America's Team"

The Good, the Bad and the Sacrilegious

Fox No Hound

Loose Cannons Still Firing

The Best Damn Show Without a Comma Period

Toy Boat

She's No Boob

Rome'n Holiday

Jacor Still Sucks

U Tell Us and I Tell Ya

The Jungle Does Not Suck, Jacor Does

Some More Stuff

L.A.'s Gentleman Hall of Famer

Jerry Coleman's Greatest Hits...Even if They're Foul

City Of Dodgers

Cannonball Will Jackman - The Least Known Best Pitcher Ever

What's Your Opinion of Kingman's Dot Com?

A Sad Passing

Spring Ahead for Transplants

Campaign 2000: W's Second-Guessing Sosa Trade Bush

"Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps, Ken Phelps"

Really Really Old Off Base Columns

2004 Predictions

Your Next Stop, The Steroid Zone

That's It, Blame the Ball

The Curse in Reverse

Mets, Dodgers Get Their Men

"Yes, sir, I did bet on baseball"

Winners and Losers

Maybe it is Brain Surgery

Move Over Mario Mendoza

All Bets Are Off

Na, Na, Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Goodbye!

If The Pitchers Would Just Hit More

The Emperor Has No Clothes

It's Tee Time, Let's Discuss

All-Star Disadvantage

Steroids On The Brain

2003 Predictions

Not Much Has Changed

Not Beverly Hills Cop - the Other Guy

Not Your Father's Whiz Kids

Not Just Angels in the Outfield

The Giants Win the Pennant

The Giants Don't Win the Pennant

"The Giants don't win the pennant! The Giants don't win the pennant! The Giants don't win the pennant!"


Split the Baby

BS? Bud Selig

Generally Well Managed ...or Not

The Trouble With Barry

Sorority Boys

Very Superstitious

2002 Predictions

Stark View

The French Are Still Toast

Kids on 'Roids

Mondy's Not Green


The French Are Toast, Part Deux, Reprise

"Campanis is the *@&#'in Guy"

He's an Excellent Driver

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend

2001 Predictions

What Ills the Dodgers

Live from New York, it's Pete Rose!

The French Are Toast, Part Deuxs

The French Are Toast

Hey Pedro, Head First!

Bad Mood Rising

2000 Predictions



Statue for Sandy






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