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Wills, Koufax, Garvey, Gibson, Beltre

Los Angeles Dodgers MVPs. Brooklyns Daubert, Vance, Camilli, Robinson, Campanella and Newcombe. Fine, fans of other SoCal teams, San Diego had Caminiti; California, Baylor.

Most of the writers with a vote get the most valuable vs. best concept or have their own reasons for their selections and don’t need to be condescended to by anyone about anything. There’s enough condescension to go around here already.

We’re not going into a long discussion on that part of it except to say that Andre Dawson deserved the award because he stood out far beyond anyone on a championship team and that Alex Rodriguez didn’t because he didn’t, but to stop his whining the voters gave him the trophy anyway.

The real thing is, you have to be with a team day in and day out to see the full value and greatness of the player Adrian Beltre has been this season. Maybe that’s why the MVP winner generally garners the votes of his city’s writers and why Albert Belle lost out to Mo Vaughn.

Perfect example. Said Dan Patrick, while acknowledging Beltre’s offensive numbers, “Beltre is not the third baseman Scott Rolen is.” Uh, hello? Never mind that the fielding stats are nearly identical, here’s an otherwise reliable ESPN man with resources up the yin yang and absolutely no clue on the matter. Adrian Beltre is a spectacular third baseman. He’s Brooks Robinson. What more could a third baseman possibly do?

You can make fine arguments for Beltre, Bonds, Pujols and Rolen. And September makes all the difference in the world. But right now, since I watch Beltre game in and game out, he’s my MVP…

Rhetorical Question of the Week: If nice guys finish last, where does that leave Kevin Brown...

It's clear now that whatever success the Dodgers have the rest of the way will be in spite of four of the five midseason trades, not because of them. Any success will be because of the play of the guys who were already here plus Steve Finley, and yes, because of the work of Jim Tracy.

Paul DePodesta weakened his club, while bolstering teams the Dodgers may face later in two leagues. Brad Penny is not going to contribute a lick and there were pitchers available for less.

Meanwhile, Jason Grabowski makes Greg Luzinski look like Roberto Clemente, and should not be allowed to wear a glove, ever again for the rest of his life. A Constitutional Amendment is in the works as we speak…

The Cubs made some last-minute blockbusters though, didn’t they? Whoa. Ben Grieve and Mike Difelice. The rest of the sport should just surrender right now…

Move over Yogi. From Rick Monday, August 29, 2004: "Art Howe was recently married. Well, not recently, but as far as right out of high school, with a baby on the way.”

In its infinite wisdom, Major League Baseball pools marketing with among other efforts, MLB.com. Uniformity, conformity, whatever you call it, with the occasional nugget. Each site has a fan poll, for one, with questions of importance to the respective teams.

The St. Louis website asks topically, “Who would be your Game 1 starter in the playoffs?” Listed are the five guys in the rotation. Jump to KCRoyals.com to ponder this one: "Which September call-up are you most anxious to see?” Choose between RHP Denny Bautista, LHP Chris George, RHP Mike MacDougal and catcher Paul Phillips. Apparently, there’s a range of anxiety in Missouri…

Statue for Sandy: BaseballSavvy.com continues to track your positive responses with the dream of casting Sandy Koufax in bronze at Dodger Stadium next year. The project has momentum and prominent support. If you haven’t yet, please scroll down to the photo below, and do your thing. Vote Yes on 32…

Remember, glove conquers all….

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