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BS? Bud Selig

Like, duh. That took a lot of thought.

Not to pile on or anything...OK, let's. Bud Selig is a big fat dweeb. I've been harping on the concept for years, and I'm glad it's finally catching on. Bandwagon all you want. Jump on. The more the merrier.

To review, some of the things I've said about old Bud Selig include calling him the "Ren Man," the constipated commissioner,  " ...always talking about a 'wonderful renaissance' going on in baseball, taking credit for it. It's renaissance this, renaissance that, here a ren, there a ren, everywhere a ren-ren."

I followed up by saying that, first of all, there's no renaissance in baseball, and second, if there were, we wouldn't have Selig to thank for it. Then I went on to say something about his being an excellent driver and Valenzuela pitching on Wednesday.

Then there was this oldie but goody, posted last year but just as true today, only more so:

"It's just impossible to cut Selig any slack at all. I can't do it. I don't want to do it. I just plain hate the guy. He should never be forgiven for 1994. Never, ever, period, exclamation point...Bud Selig is a miserable, sniveling, conniving, impotent little man, who should never have advanced to the position in life he now holds, and shouldn't stay there a single second more than is absolutely necessary."

Yes, I repeat myself sometimes, often in fact. But hey, can you plagiarize yourself, especially if you admire the writer? Baseball is important, it's worth it. Whatever I have to do.

Name-calling you say, why all the name-calling? What's the big deal? It's just Bud Selig, hipster dufous, without the hipster.

A word about sides. I'm not taking sides, OK, there's no side worthy of my taking. The players are lame, the owners are lame, Bud Selig is lame, Don Fehr is lame. All "concerned" parties are lame. Lame, I say.

But look, the players are just greedy, a bad trait sure, but that's all they are. The owners are greedy, selfish, incompetent, disorganized, corrupt, and thoroughly clueless. Worse than being simply greedy.

If the owners give the players even the thinnest of openings, and a chance to do the right thing, they will. You'll be surprised. The players have bad leadership, but independently and to some extent collectively, they get it. The owners have bad leadership, but independently, all they are is independent...

Kudos to Mike Veeck and the St. Paul Saints for the post All-Star Game tie promotion. The seat cushion giveaway was great too. Selig on one side, Fehr on the other. Both great places to rest a weary baseball butt. Can the BS cap deal be far off? Free to the first 2500 in attendance? Just a thought...

Good career move for Barry Bonds, not so good for Jason Alexander. Bonds' image gets a little boost from the KFC spots because he comes across kinda funny and even a tad charming, and the bobble-head stunt is actually somewhat cute.

Alexander, on the other hand, gets to be remembered by an entire generation of young baseball fans as "the guy from the KFC commercials."

Bonds' pr is improving. I'm not buying it, but it is improving. Picking up Tory Hunter in the All-Star Game was contrived, and this thing where he points to the sky and kisses one of his kids after a home run trot looks good on paper but is pretty obvious, isn't it? I mean, so he respects the man upstairs and loves his children. BFD...

Why all the fuss about Scott Rolen's coming or going? Gotta be the most overrated player in baseball. Stick him in the class of shoulda-signed-for-more-when-he-had-the-chance guys like Juan Gonzalez and Jody Reed...

Perhaps therapy is in order, but when I was a kid, I thought Al Kaline was responsible for the Alkaline battery. Guys had to work during the off season in those days you know, and I thought maybe making batteries was Kaline's gig...

Emmett from Andy Griffith is a five-tool player…

Angels? Don't care…

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