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Off Base
Boston Does Not Suck

It took me awhile to catch my breath, but now I’ve got to admit finally, once and for all, BS does not stand for “Boston Sucks.” Not anymore.

Doesn’t stand for “Bellhorn sucks.” Certainly does not stand for “baseball sucks.”

Brown sucks though. He sucks. Nice series for Kevin. And poor Gary Sheffield. It’s as if he sits in a room with pad and pen devising ways to be more of a bleep hole than the day before. You have to hand it to Sheff for his success.

Total, thorough and complete props to the Boston Red Sox. Every last one of them. With all they accomplished pretty well covered, all I want to add really is that they made me scrap a once in a lifetime chance to label their statesmen as “Massachusetts Losers,” instead of using the other Massachusetts “L” word…

BTW: Everyone, please stop calling the Yankees “the evil empire.” C’mon, George Steinbrenner or Bill O’Reilly? Isn’t Fox the real evil empire???

I’m not sure why Jackie Autry is the “honorary president of the American League,” presenting awards at the ALCS, but I still say she’s a dead ringer for Randy Jones…

I heard somewhere that there was a National League Championship Series too. Seven games and everything. What about that one? Well, for one, the killer bee sound effect at Minute Maid is a cool replacement for the Tomahawk Chop.

And Albert Pujols is on his way to establishing himself as the greatest right-handed hitter in decades. Nothing beyond that would surprise me.

Oh, and Carlos Beltran is a pretty good little player. You’d think someone would have said something

For the life of me, I cannot fathom a reason for Fred Claire to be publishing books about the Dodgers or writing anything for MLB.com. But it’s there. And to be writing about Pedro Martinez, of all people…

Baseball is getting closer to having to do something about Barry Bonds’ possible use of steroids. Rather than using their handling of the Pete Rose situation as a model, look for the sport to take a cue from the NBA, which had Michael Jordan “retire” in the wake of illegal gambling stories.

Bonds will retire after passing Ruth, but not Aaron, with no positive tests made public, no asterisks, no admission of anything, and the Hall open for him in five years. He gets one record, not the other…

Espn.com charges you for their baseball “INsider” feature, in which Peter Gammons makes up a bunch of stuff. At BaseballSavvy.com, baseball rumors are always free, are often based on intelligent thought, and generally follow at least a thimble full of legitimate research.

So let’s clear up this thing about the Dodgers going with a dramatically reduced, example-setting payroll right now. They’re going to spend wisely and probably come in around $90 mil. If they get everything they need for less, it’ll be less; if they have to go a little higher, they’ll go a little higher.

They will NOT intentionally pay a 26th man to rehab for a year like the Yankees did with Jon Lieber. They already have Darren Dreifort for that.

Adrian Beltre and Steve Finley will both be back, along with five of the other six in the lineup. Key members of the bench and bullpen all return. Odalis Perez is long gone already, and the rotation is entirely up for grabs.

Don’t be surprised if the new catcher who can hit is Paul Lo Duca…

Must act now. We’re looking for an investor to get us to the next level. You know, to sell vast quantities of way cooler than Von Dutch BS caps and gear, and to pay our worthy writers more than peanuts and Cracker Jack. I’d use the term “angel investor,” but that’s vulgar. Perhaps a “Dodger investor.” Advertisers with gobs of money are welcome as usual…

Anyway. editor@baseballsavvy.com gets you a foot in. Invest microscopically today, make major league minimum tomorrow…

Statue for Sandy: There are only blue states, OK, so please Vote Yes on 32. With next year being the 50th Anniversary of the Dodgers only World Championship in Brooklyn, perhaps there’s extra incentive. Whichever. We’ll continue our campaign to enshrine Sandy Koufax in bronze at Dodger Stadium during the offseason and keep you posted…

Remember, glove conquers all….


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