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Off Base
Love Means
Never Having to Say

You’re Sorry

Aprill 20, 2005

Oh, no it doesn’t. And stop calling me “preppy!”

Whoever said that is a dweeb. What’s his name? Fred Segal, Eric Segal, Jonathan Livingston Seagull? Total dweeb, whoever it was. Don’t listen to the guy. You have to say you’re sorry once in awhile. Absolutely.

This is one of those times, people. Paul DePodesta deserves a rousing “we’re sorry” from a ton of people. Not me, but a ton of people. The Dodgers look great and the naysayers are clueless.

On the other hand, there is this little problem called first base. I was going to talk about Babe Ruth today, but decided on Hee Seop Choi instead. Babe Ruth, Hee Seop Choi, same difference.

Greg Brock replaced Steve Garvey, you recall. While Choi only has to follow Shawn Green, and DePodesta isn’t asking for a lot out of his first baseman, there’s little reason to think Choi can go .224, 21 and 66 like Brock did in 1983. Milwaukee is an apt destination this time too. Awesome bratwurst…

While I’m not particularly sold on J.D. Drew, if Tony LaRussa doesn’t like him, that’s good enough for me…to. It’s all there in Buzz Bissinger’s new book, “3 Nights in August,” about last year’s Cards. All except a legitimate explanation for the pitcher batting eighth…

It’s great that Milton Bradley has taken steps to better himself, and his fine play on the field speaks for itself, but the Dodgers are trying too hard with the PR. The Lakers are doing the same thing with Caron Butler…

Charlie Steiner and Steve Lyons are as good as can be, and are worthy of being on the same team with Vin Scully. I especially like the way Steiner commonly uses the word “plate” as a verb, as in the phrase, “…the Dodgers plate two more, and lead 8-6.” Rick Monday and Al Downing are to broadcasting what Greg Brock and Hee Seop Choi are to first base…

The New York Yankees are really, really bad. Not as bad as Jack FM exactly, but really, really bad…

Of course the Fenway fan committed the criminal act, but c’mon, is it really a surprise to find Gary Sheffield involved? There are only two nice things you can say about Sheffield. First, he’s one of the most distinguished right-handed hitters of his generation, and two, he’s smart not to be Barry Bonds’ friend anymore…

Sandy Alderson’s hiring by San Diego means Kevin Towers’ firing is just around the corner. It’s playoffs for the Pads or else…

The coolest baseball names of the early season belong to newcomers Huston Street and Nook Logan, and make fine additions to last year’s Kiko Calero, Termel Sledge and Coco Crisp.

And from the ever popular, “Two First Names” group: Aaron Miles, Ryan Howard, Henri Stanley, Ken Harvey, Jeff Kent, Zack Duke, Gavin Floyd, Cliff Floyd, Stephen Drew, Brian Jordan, Mike Lowell, Jason Lane, Luke Scott, Sean Casey, Daryle Ward, David Ross, Chad Tracy, Derrick Lee, Shane Stewart, Carl Everett and Matt Morris.

The bonus “Two First Names, at Least one Being a Woman’s” crew is a small one so far, with just Jeff Francis and Mark Loretta. But stay tuned; it’s only April…

Bob Vila is a five-tool player…

Looks like the most used new phrase in baseball this season is going to be “flu-like symptoms.” I guess these guys don’t have “intestinal fortitude…”

Statue for Sandy : The Koufax in bronze campaign continues, so please scroll down to the photo below and vote yes on 32…

Remember, glove conquers all….


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