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October 4, 2004

Hey John Ireland, Ole Buddy

BS stands for a lot of things, old pal.

First and foremost, BS proudly stands for BaseballSavvy.com. It’s our logo. We put it on a baseball cap, trademarked it, the whole nine yards.

BS also stands for blown save, Bud Selig, barbeque sauce, Boston Sucks and of course, Britney Spears. BTW, Ms. Spears does not endorse this product. Not yet anyway.

However, BS absolutely does not stand for “The Big Show.” That would be TBS. Why don’t you see if that one is available…

We’ve never been shy about our being an L.A. periodical, with very little interest in anything south of say, Santa Fe Springs, but it was especially gratifying to see the Los Angeles Times’ photo of Steve Finley’s division winning grand slam, front and center in the October 3 edition. Rather than simply placing the Angels picture below the fold, the Times had them actually on the fold, so that their celebration was in a manner of speaking, neither here nor there.

And yet another great piece by our favorite baseball writer, Bill Shakin; the cover story on Eric Gagne in the Times Magazine…

Move over Yogi: In describing the difficulties of pennant stretch pressure packed play, Rick Monday said, “It’s like trying to hit two home runs with one swing, can't be done.”

Move over Rick Monday: From Steve Physioc, with Anaheim leading Oakland 10-0, top of the ninth and the bases loaded: “The Angels are trying to really bust this thing open…”

Props to Eric Karros for his debut performance on Fox’s game of the week. Great work by EK. Sounded like he’d been doing it for years. Jose Mota is a total pro as well. If the Dodgers choose either of these two to join their broadcast crew next season, they’ll be in good stead. After one more postseason with Vin Scully on radio, that is…

Memory Lane: From 1968 to 1970, Scully hosted a television game show called “It Takes Two,” featuring actors from prime time programs of the day. In one episode, with Gary Conway, aka Capt. Steve Burton of “Land of the Giants,” Vinny wondered aloud, “Shouldn’t it be ‘Land of the Dodgers?’” Amen, brother….

Virgil Hilts


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