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February 4, 2004

The Best Fifteen Minutes in Radio

He's right about one thing, it is fifteen minutes.

Lee Hamilton's shortcoming has always been perspective. Example: "Dateline Chavez Ravine. This just in off the sportswire. The Los Angeles Dodgers have fired longtime roving minor league instructor and middle-infielders' coach, Rafael Landestoy, replacing him with oft-injured journeyman, no-bat, weak-fielding ex-shortstop, Dave Anderson. Uh-Maze-Ing!"

Hamilton is all football, all the time, regardless of the calendar. We frown upon that kind of thing here.

Here's what happened on a Wednesday, three days into the gridiron's offseason. Ten of Hacksaw's fifteen minutes were devoted to football, including a litany of "Ju-Co" signings and pre-spring injuries, as if that matters in February. The remaining five minutes were split between NBA (mostly Kobe), NCAA, NHL, and lastly of course, MLB reports.

I still don't know if the guy is a racist, but the term "sports-ist" seems to apply. Catch Lee Hamilton 3-7 weekdays, on the various XTRAs, 690 and 1150 AM. Or not…

Nice Calendar piece on Joe and Doug by L.A.Times' radio columnist, Paul Brownfield ("Sports Talk's Irascible 1-2 Punch," February 1, 2004). According to Yahoo, that's "i·ras·ci·ble; adjective, prone to outbursts of temper; easily angered."

Sure they're irascible, but what Joe McDonnell and Doug Krikorian have that most of their peers don't is a background in professional journalism. They're actual reporters, not just commentators.…or Vic Jacobs.

Doug still needs voice training for the speech impediment he shares with John Ireland, but without an intervention it's probably not coming any time soon. ESPN Radio 710, opposite Hacksaw and a better choice, especially if you're anywhere from say, Carlsbad to the Canadian Rockies…

A tip of the BaseballSavvy.com cap to A. Martinez for landing over at 980 AM. We can only hope that KFWB and the Dodgers will see fit to broadcast the entire Grapefruit League schedule this time around...

Steve Hartman and former partner and current 1090 guy Bill Werndl share the exact same mispronunciation of the new Dodger GM's name, preferring to call him "De-po-TEST-a." And it's said that after years together, couples start to look like one another. The breakup came just in time….

Howard Cole

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