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August 28, 2003

TJ Simers for the Writer's Wing

Forget the stupid recall. Let's get the important campaign going right now. TJ Simers is HOF material. Or, TJ Simers' material is HOF material. Whatever, the guy should be in, next year.

Look, Maz had his operatives, uh, operating and it worked like a charm. Sure, the Veterans guys changed the whole deal because of it, but still. The Gil Hodges people are still out there with their worthy cause, Bruce Sutter has a group, and Fred McGriff already needs one.

Someone has to fight for TJ, and it might as well be me.

Yeah sure, I jumped on the anti-TJ bandwagon back in '00, but we all make mistakes. Besides, I'm a man just like everyone else, and I didn't force that bandwagon to do anything against its will.

And yeah, I sniped about TJ three years ago, mouthing off something like "Simers tries too hard to be obnoxious. The real trick is to be naturally obnoxious."

Actually, that was it exactly, the implication being that this young writer was naturally obnoxious while TJ Simers was trying too hard to be obnoxious. Simers castigated me publicly for it, and after time I came to see the light.

I love TJ now, I really do. He's become a great Times' Page Two columnist and deserves all the credit in the world. He's better than John Hall, Scott Ostler, that Randy guy, and right up there will Malamud. Forgive me if I'm leaving out someone who Simers is better than.

Any and all flack Simers throws at the Dodger organization is brilliant and necessary. Dan Evans and Jim Tracy are perfect targets, and deserve the heaping of you-know-what they get from all sources, most especially from a guy who articulates it as well as TJ. For his Dodger stuff alone, Simers should be in Cooperstown.

Disagree and you're just plain lame.

To cast a vote that will be forwarded directly to the Hall of Fame, where top men will absolutely read and consider your thoughts carefully and most assuredly act, call 1-800-SHOP-TJ.

Wait, that's Trader Joes. Call them for a large selection of Brie. Ah, just send your ballot to me. I'll take care of it. baseballsavvy.com@aol.com.

Howard Cole

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