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January 3, 2005

2004 in Review

Jim Rome showed up for work about as often as Darren Dreifort, but was more productive. Patted himself on the back after every interview, but didn’t injure himself doing so, as Darren Dreifort undoubtedly would’ve.

Vic Jacobs lost his mind just twice this year, although the Kobe thing was kind of a holdover from 2003. You remember, when that little submarine from “Fantastic Voyage” had to be deployed to remove Jacobs’ head from Bryant’s sphincter.

Then there was the “Vladimir Guerrero is the best player in SoCal hardball history” crap.

Steve Hartman didn’t call me a single time in 2004. Not once. Carolyn Hughes did, but I think it was a wrong number.

Vin Scully, still the best. Like duh.

Ross Porter actually did deserve to be replaced, for going public with his contract situation the way he did. I’m more than OK being the only guy to say so. It was Porter who was disloyal, not the Dodgers. C’mon, do you think the club really preferred Rick Monday?

Petros Papadakis managed to keep his voice for 365 days. Oh well. There’s always next year.

Fox News Channel was borderline Fascist again, but Fox Sports was awesome on baseball.

Thanks to Larry Stewart and Paul Gutierrez, BaseballSavvy.com finally cracked the “Morning Briefing,” making more than a few points with the stockholders. The BaseballSavvy.com stockholders, that is. Like Tribune Corp’s stockholders care.

Bill Shaikin was the best baseball writer in town, hands down. Daily News guy Tony Jackson was great too.

TJ Simers found his feminine side, and I don’t mean Sonya Henie, uh, Salma Hayek. Simers was just nicer, is all. He still tries too hard to be obnoxious, continuing to be unaware that the real trick is to be naturally obnoxious. Perhaps he’ll pay a little closer attention to this publication in 2005.

Virgil Hilts



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