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March 29, 2005

City Of Dodgers

Ya hear, now? Los Angeles is the City of Dodgers. Forever and always.

And for that matter, “Dodgers in the Outfield,” “Only Dodgers Have Wings,” and Dodger-food cake.

It’s not that we don’t like the Angels, exactly. I mean, Arte Moreno is a bounder, sure, but we’re down with the ball club. Bill Stoneman is SoCal’s best g.m., and Mike Scioscia is as good an ex-Dodger as you’ll find, surrounded by an entire staff of stud bluebreds.

No really, it’s not that we don’t like the Angels. In fact, we embrace the competition between counties, such as it is.

Admittedly, the lame “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim” thing has provided a distraction from the steroid mess, and of course, the Lakers. I suppose we could credit Moreno for the break, but what fun would that be?

Hawking t-shirts is more like it. So, we’ve produced a line of gear called “No Angels, No Where” to heap it on them. Buy early and buy often. If you dig the first design, we’ll trot out the rest.

And if you truly support the cause, we’ll contribute to the city of Anaheim’s legal fund. Otherwise, we’re keeping everything.

Back by popular demand are BaseballSavvy.com’s “BS” Flexfit baseball caps, in a host of sizes and colors. Well, two.

New for 2005, please check out the first of our baseball art selections, from Stan Silver. A beautiful original oil painting of Paul Lo Duca is featured, along with fine prints of Mr. Silver’s “The Grip.” BS Gift Shop.

Virgil Hilts


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