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She's No Boob

I once referred to Lisa Guerrero as a "boob." No longer. Lisa, I hereby publicly apologize for any unusual pain and suffering I may have caused. There was no malice.

You've learned, I've learned, TJ Simers has learned, and we're all better for it.

The sideline reporting was boob-like, yes, and that "Politically Incorrect" appearance was somewhat lame, because W made the right call in trading Sammy Sosa (see "Campaign 2000"), and you shouldn't have been in his face about it, but that's ancient history.

Lisa G. is OK now. She's found a niche and hit her stride doing late-night updates on Fox, calling highlights with some personality. I especially like the way she says "dunk." It's her version of Van Earl Wright's "over the wall in left field" thing, but more cool than annoying.

She has charm, enthusiasm, is somewhat knowledgeable, and actually likes sports (or athletes). She's no Jeanne Zelasko or Hannah Storm or even Gayle Gardner or Lauren Sanchez for that matter, but neither is she Claudio Trejos…

You can change the hosts, shuffle analysts in and out, and use more Peter Gammons than can ever be required, it matters not. "Baseball Tonight" is still the greatest, most significant show in television history. "I Love Lucy," "Ed Sullivan," "Bonanza?" Please.

Jeff Brantley needs some custom-made oxfords with bigger necks, but he and Tony Gwynn are nice adds…

From the "ding dong, the witch is dead" department, thank you Dodgers for finally bailing on KXTA for KFWB. Can't wait…

I suppose a comment on KXTA's firing of Dave Smith and Steve Carbone for their profanity-laced work on Smith's website is in order here, but frankly Scarlett, well, you know…

Shouldn't Dodgers.com's "Batting Around with Terry Mulholland" have been titled "Batting Around Against Terry Mulholland?" This from the pr staff that conjured up "224-1-HIT." Sorry guys, but if you're gonna lob them in there…

Here's your Rick Mondayism of the week: "Roberts is going to play all three outfield positions. Not at one time." OK, so it's not from this week, and yes, I save them…

Welcome back Ross…

Vinny, you're the greatest….

Howard Cole


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