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Jerry Coleman's Greatest Hits...Even if They're Foul

"There's a long fly left centerfield, he got all of that one, it's to the wall, at the wall, and that ball is caught, no I mean he dropped it, wait a minute he caught it! That was the best play Greg Vaughn made of his life!"

"Larry Moffett is 6-3, 190. Last year he was 6-6."

"Thomas is racing for it, but McCovey is there and can't get his glove to it. That play shows the inexperience, not on Thomas' part, but on the part of Willie McC ... well, not on McCovey's part either."

"Grubb goes back, back... He's under the warning track and makes the play."

"They've taken the foot off Johnny Grubb. Uh, they've taken the shoe off Johnny Grubb."

"There is someone warming up in the Giants' bullpen, but he's obscured by his number."

"Edwards missed getting Stearns at third base by an eyeball."

"All the Padres need is a flyball in the air."

"There's a shot up the alley. Oh, it's just foul."

"That's the fourth extra base hit for the Padres -- two doubles and a triple."

"Montreal leads Atlanta by three, 5-1."

"Last night's homer was Willie Stargell's 399th career home run, leaving him one shy of 500."

"The first pitch to Tucker Ashford is grounded into left field. No, wait a minute. It's ball one. Low and outside."

"That's Hendrick's 19th home run. One more and he reaches double figures."

"Well, it looks like the all-star balloting is about over, especially in the National and American Leagues."

"The Padres, after winning the first game of the doubleheader, are ahead here in the top of the fifth and hoping for a split."

"Tony Taylor was one of the first acquisitions that the Phillies made when they reconstructed their team. They got him from Philadelphia."

"Mike Caldwell, the Padres' right-handed southpaw, will pitch tonight."

"Hector Torrez, how can you communicate with Enzo Hernandez when he speaks Spanish and you speak Mexican?"

"Rich Folkers is throwing up in the bullpen."

"I sure hope you're staying alive for the upcoming Dodgers series."

"National League umpires wear inside chest protesters."

"Reggie Smith of the Dodgers and Gary Matthews of the homers hit Braves in that game."

"Gaylord Perry and Willie McCovey should know each other like a book. They've been ex-teammates for years now."

"The way he's swinging the bat, he won't get a hit until the 20th century."

"There's two heads to every coin."

"If ever an error had "F" written on it, that grounder did."

"On the mound is Randy Jones, the left-hander with the Karl Marx hairdo."

"Over the course of a season, a miscue will cost you more than a good play."

"If Rose's streak was still intact, with that single to left, the fans would be throwing babies out of the upper deck."

"Sometimes, big trees grow out of acorns. I think I heard that from a squirrel."

"That noise in my earphones knocked my nose off and I had to pick it up and find it."

"You didn't have to say it was gone. It was gone before it got outta here. It was gonna that fast."

"Finley is going over to get a new piece of bat."

"The ballgame is over...in this inning."

"Hi folks, I'm Gerry Gross!"

"Winfield goes back to the wall. He hits his head on the wall -- and it rolls off! It's rolling all the way back to second base! This is a terrible thing for the Padres."

"It's off the leg and into the left field of Doug Radar."

At Royals Stadium: "The sky is so clear today you can see all the way to Missouri."

Upon hearing Glenn Beckert's planned retirement: "Well, I hope before Glenn goes, he'll come up here so we can give him a big hug and a kiss, because that's the kind of guy he is."

"McCovey swings and misses, and its fouled back."



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